Hire an Experienced Web Developer Oluwaseun

christarenaMy passion for Web development started in 2003, then I was fond of going to cybercafes and exploring the internet. I would leave my house and go to do an allnight browsing, and what I do from night till day break was to check and keep checking websites. I go for all night browsing because it was cheaper and you are given 8 hours to browse!. Note that in Nigeria at that time, internet was very scarce, you hardly see it at home, so you need to go to cybercafes to have access to it. I found it so facinating moving from one website to another, checking the designs, layouts, colours and functionalities of those websites. As I kept on spending my pocket money on night browsing, my passion for the web development began to wax stronger, until I decided not to be a spectator but to be one of those people that would make things happen in the web industry.

I started checking online for ebooks on how to build websites. Then I leant some bit of HTML using notepads, then Microsoft FrontPage and later Dreamweaver. I also leant Photoshop and Fireworks and that was how it started. Since 2003, I have leant other tools like CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax etc and with these languages I have designed and successfully managed over twenty (20) websites.

I have worked for companies and organizations across Nigeria. I have also done some graphics works for organizations and individuals from Nigeria to Canada and the United Kingdom. My websites are always clean, professional and simple. I love considering the page loading speed of every page that I design. In my experience, I have seen that the primary aim of a website is to provide information and the ease and the speed at which I am able to provide this information is very crucial to the success of a website. In the past 5 years+ of my professional experience, I have helped companies and organizations to plan and build their websites according to their needs and desires so that it achieves the goals of their organizations. Each site that I have designed is guaranteed to have a professional appearance that conveys the identity of the organization in a clear and meaningful way using the best-in-class design techniques. This has been achieved by the design of the website to achieve maximum functionality, ease of use and implementation of easy navigational aids whilst making the website interactive.

Fell free to contact me now for a job offer and your company will be glad you did.