My Strengths as a Web developer - Oluwaseun

seun otokiOne of my Strengths as a web developer is that I have an ability to work under pressure with no supervision. Website Development has become part of me in such a way that I don't get tired of it. For me it's more than the usual 8am to 5pm job, it's something I can do at any time under any circumstances. There was a time I was down with malaria and still working on a customer's website. I am not a super man but I was able to finish the work on that day just because I love what I was doing and it has become part of me. Also, at several instances, I would spend hours working on websites without even knowing. Sometimes I remember to take the first meal of the day at around 5pm!. I believe it's my passion for web development that gives me an ability to work under pressure and get the best results even under difficult circumstances

If you hire me in your company, one of the things you will love about me is my level of creativity. I love doing things in a new unique way that is different from what people are used to. I am very good at creating ideas and innovations that will move my team forward and make us more productive, achieving things faster and being more productive. I am proud to say that at every organization where I have worked, I can boldly point to a significant idea from me to make the organization move forward. Some of these organizations still make use of my ideas even after I had left these organizations.

I have no doubt in my mind that I will be successful in any work environment as a web developer. This is because of my professional experience as demonstrated by my strong portfolio. I have successfully faced and tackled many challenges in web development and I can confidently fix any code disorder in any website.