Christarena: Christian Network Project from Oluwaseun

christarenaEvery time I share this idea with people, they usually say, you mean something like facebook but dedicated to christians? and I will say yes but a lot more than facebook. For a while, this makes it look as if the idea was copied from facebook. But the truth is that, I have been nurturing this idea since 2003, before facebook came into existence. However, the project remained in the pipeline until I left the University and finally launched it in 2011. I will say my studies in the University delayed the actualization of this project till 2011.

With all the persecutions that Christians face from the extreemists in the middle east and some parts of africa, I believe there is a need for christians to have a voice and a medium on the internet where we can encourage one another and discuss issues affecting us. This project is an online christian fellowship with the primary aim of helping christians become more and more like christ and also giving them a voice on the internet. Christarena is specifically designed for christians who desire more of christ.

Through this atmosphere, christians are empowered to make new friends and share the love of christ around the world. I want christians to have a platform on the world wide web where they can fellowship, share top christian events in their neighborhood, transact business through christarena marketpace module, rub minds together and make the world experience the impact of the gospel that Christ paid for. I believe there is an urgent need for christians to have a platform where they can meet and share the love of Christ. This arena is the best atmosphere for people who desire to grow in christ while making new friends around the world. Christarena is an atmosphere on the world wide web where christians can have a REAL encounter with christ.

This project powered by an open source script that I bought in 2011 was customized and configured to my taste to perform and excute my idea. The site can be found at The site is hosted on a VPS and has been capital intensive. It was formally on but I was unable to meet up with the cost of the domain and hosting for several months, and this resulted into loosing the original domain of This unfortunately has affected the progress but I hope to get the financial capacity very soon to push the project to limelight.